Make a Donation to Our Ministry

Care to help a great cause but don't care to buy anything from us at this time?

Here is your chance- Using this donation button feel to send a donation to your to our ministry today. Click the button and follow the simple instructions to send as you wish.  

We accept donations from individuals and organizations who believe in our mission and are moved to support us financially. 100% of the proceeds collected from our fundraising ventures such as Build-A-Cross, Kettle Corn and Coffee Trolley go to feeding and clothing the men and women who come to us for help and support families who are active with running our ministries- Freedom Challenge and Morehouse Challenge.

If you aren't familiar, both of these ministries are addiction recovery facilities that include 1 year of in-house counseling, training, strict accountability and Christian discipleship. Through our fundraising, we are also able to assist other organizations active in spreading the Word of God.

Your patronage as a customer is valued beyond what we can express but among the other ways you can support us are prayer for our workers and students and their families, spreading awareness of our organization by word of mouth and other means at your disposal, and actively following and sharing our social media content such as tutorial videos and advertisements with your friends and family who might benefit from our services, financial donations, and other donations that help minimize our operational expenses.

God bless you for your business and other support.