Share your unique talent with the world through a homemade tutorial video or picture tutorial blog and gain entry to $100 Store Credit contest from Build-A-Cross.com.
Contest Window: June 29, 2020- July 6, 2020
Submission Deadline: July 6, 2020 4pm
Winner Announcement: Live Painting Video with Scarlett at 11am on July 8, 2020

1. Join Painting Tips & Tricks with Build-A-Cross by requesting to join. Wholesale and retail customers may join group and contest.

REQUEST MEMBERSHIP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/buildacrosslive/

2. Make a video tutorial(preferred) or an up to 8-picture tutorial blog of you decorating an unfinished summer or back to school cutout from Build-A-Cross. (see blog example below)

3. Share your tutorial by posting it in the Facebook Group Painting Tips & Tricks with Build-A-Cross. Type "TUTORIAL CONTEST ENTRY" in your post text.
Video should be 2-3 minutes edited. Make sure you mention the name of the shape you are using and what craft supplies you are working with in the video or blog. Show your finished product in the blog or video as well.

Videos and tutorial blogs can not contain profanity and must be appropriate and approved to gain entry.

Winner will be selected by multiple criteria including group reactions, adherence to competition guidelines, and critiquing by a panel of Build-A-Cross employees including Scarlett.
Winner will be announced Live and will receive a shopping store credit of $100 to your customer account to be used at your discretion. The winning video or blog will appear on the Build-A-Cross websites on the product page of the item that you choose to paint for the world to see and will be reposted in our main Build-A-Cross Facebook feed to showcase your work.

Please remember to HAVE FUN with this! We are not expecting professional grade work even though we know so many of you are capable. This is all about sharing your creativity in our friendly community.