Antique Pickup Truck Easel Kit Additional Wooden Interchangeable Attachments

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3.00 Ounces
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Customize your own Desktop or Table Top Art Craft Decor with these additional attachments!

These additional attachments come as single pieces. These pieces will require an attachment method of your choice(not included) to use with your kit. We recommend velcro, hot glue or small brad nails. These will vary in size from piece to piece but they will come pre-sized for use with Build-A-Cross Interchangeable Antique Pickup Truck Easel Art Sets. Most measure between 4" and 5" on their largest dimension.

Your imagination is the limit with Free Standing Decor Kits from Build-A-Cross.

Experiment with various stains, paints, and adornments to create a truly unique piece of art. We recommend Dixie Belle Paint Products because of their wide variety of colors and excellent single pass coverage. We also sell various craft supplies to simplify your project planning. Customize this kit by using velcro to make your kit interchangeable for easy seasonal change.


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