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  • Block letter A are cheap letters for crafts.
  • Block letter B are also big mdf letters.
  • Block letter C are cheap craft alphabet letters.
  • Block letter D are giant letters wood.
  • Block letter E are large letters for sale.
  • Block letter F are large paintable wooden letters.
  • Block letter G are extra large wooden letters for walls.
  • Block letter H also come in small mdf letters.
  • Block letter I are easy to make large painted wooden letters.
  • Block letter J are cheap paintable wooden letters
  • Block letter K are cheap paintable wooden letters for walls.
  • Block letter L are cheap unfinished wood alphabet letters.
  • Block letter M are paintable unfinished wood wall letters.
  • Block letter N come as arts and crafts letters.
  • Block letter P look awesome with big wooden numbers.
  • Block letter Q are wooden alphabet hanging letters.
  • Block letter R are cheap unpainted mdf wooden letters.
  • Block letter S are painted wooden letters for the wall.
  • Block letter T comes in a unique wood lettering font.
  • Block letter U also come as 36 inch wooden letters.
  • Block letter V are easy to use as decorative wooden letters.
  • Block letter W are cheap craft supplies letters.
  • Block letter X comes in a 12 inch letters for wall.
  • Block letter Y are cheap baby wooden letters for the wall.
  • Block letter Z are cheap custom cut wood letters.
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 These walmart letters come unfinished, ready to paint. Our unfinished table letters are crafted of a high quality cabinet grade HDF. All unpainted wall letters for nursery are cut in-house on our CNC routers and are hand-sanded, smooth to the touch. We recommend using an acryllic paint on our white letters. These paints can be bought at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and other stores. A keyhole mount is provided for wooden letter and number blocks 12" and larger. We recommend command strips for wooden monogram letters. All wooden words for crafts are cut on 1/4" and 1/8"  HDF are double refined and suitable for outdoors. We love taking custom orders! Any sign or logo can be custom made for your business or home.  Call 1-855-992-7677 or email for more information!

Wholesale is available and we can drop ship. Call 1-855-992-7677 or email for more information! 

If you find our wooden letters cheap satisfactory please spread the word! Tell someone, put us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram and tag us using #buildacross and #weworkforjesus, and follow us on twitter @buildacross!

All proceeds go to support our ministry, Freedom Challenge. We are a 1 year, in-house faith based, drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. We appreciate you allowing us to serve you! Be Blessed!

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